Storage and Lubrication of gearbox
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Storage and Lubrication of gearbox

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Units are intended to be used within 30 days after receipt and are required to be stored indoors in a heated building. If storing under adverse conditions or for longer periods of time, special precautions may be necessary. The following steps should be followed to keep units in optimal condition:

1. Store in a Sheltered Area Away from Chemical Vapors or Steam
2. Keep Covered
3. Keep away from Sunlight & High Heat
4. Spray Oil on Exposed Shafts & Seals (Clean Oil off before Installation)
5. For Assembled Units Filled with Oil, Rotate Output Shaft 360 Degrees Every Three to Four Weeks by Tuning the Input Shaft


Your reducer will last longer when you follow the right lubrication schedule. Use a lubricant to meet AGMA 5 requirements for gear drives and fill your reducer to the proper level by removing the air vent pipe plug. Pour the lube into the top pipe plug hole until it reaches the center of the sight-glass recommended by your lubricant supplier. Finally, replace the top pipe plug and the vent plug.

After 2,500 hours or six months of operation (whichever comes first), you should drain the reducer and fill it with fresh lubricant. Always drain while the reducer is still warm. This change should be done more frequently if the lubricant becomes dirty or contaminated due to the environment. Synthetic lubricants can, in some cases, last longer than petroleum-based lubricants and require less frequent changes. Check with your lubricant supplier for recommendations.