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Latest News and Events About RICHMAN SOURCING

  • What is a high-speed disperser?


    A high-speed disperser is a type of mixer used to rapidly break apart lumps of powder material, uniformly distributing and wetting them in a liquid. It is also used to dissolve soluble solids in a liquid. HOW DOES A HIGH-SPEED DISPERSER WORK?A high-speed disperser works on the principle of energy tr Read More

  • What is bevel gears?


    Bevel gears are gears in which the axis of the two shafts overlap, and the gears’ tooth-bearing faces are conical in form. Bevel gears have a cone-shaped pitch surface. Bevel gears are typically installed 90 degrees apart on shafts but may be engineered to operate at various angles. Bevel Gears – Wh Read More

  • How to maintain gear reducer


    1. Reducers not yet in service should be kept in an indoor environment free of dust, dirt, and moisture. Keep reducers away from chemicals or chemical fumes due to adverse reactions of the sealing arrangements.2. While the reducer is waiting to be in service, it is very important to keep the reducer Read More

  • How A Gearbox (Transmission) Works? What’s Gear Ratio?


    Gearbox Working Principle:A gearbox comprises various gears, synchronizing sleeves, and a gear-shifting mechanism fitted inside a metal housing. The metal housing, usually made of aluminum/iron casting, accommodates all the gears. The gearbox is a part of the ‘transmission’ system. The gears play an Read More

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