Worm gear reducer solution to other reasons
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Worm gear reducer solution to other reasons

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Worm gear reducer solution to other reasons:
(1) Guarantee the quality of assembly. In order to ensure the quality of the assembly, the factory purchased and made some special tools. When disassembling and installing the gear reducer worm gear, worm wheel, bearings, gears, and other components, try to avoid hitting directly with other tools such as hammer, SDT transmission suggests users try to use original parts and make the replacement when replacing gears and worm gears, please users pay attention to the tolerance when assembling the output shaft, D≤50mm, use H7/k6, D>50mm, use H7/m6, and use anti-adhesive or red dan oil to protect the hollow shaft, The shaft prevents wear and rust, prevents the scale of the fit, and it will be difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

(2) Selection of lubricating oil and additives. The worm gear reducer generally uses 220# gear oil. For some gears with a heavy load, frequent start and stop, with the tough working environment, SDT Transmission also selected some lubricant additives, when industrial gear reducer stopped, the gear oil remains attached to the gear surface, in order to form a protective film to prevent heavy loads, low speed, high torque, and metal-to-metal contact during start-up. The additive also contains a sealed regulator and a leak preventer to keep the seal soft and elastic, effectively reducing oil leakage.

(3) Selection of the installation position of the gear reducer. SDT Transmission does not suggest customers using vertical installation if gear reducer working condition is allowed. In the vertical installation, the gearbox’s added lubricating oil amount is much larger than that of the horizontal installation, which is likely to cause heat generation and oil leakage of the gear reducer. (in practical application, SDT Transmission has one customer who introduced 40,000 bottles/time pure draft beer production lines, some of which are installed vertically. after a period of operation, the transmission pinion has great wear and even damage. after SDT Transmission maintenance staff made the adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved.)

(4) Establish a corresponding lubrication maintenance system. SDT Transmission maintains the gear reducer according to the “five-set” principle of lubrication work so that each gear reducer has regular inspections by the incumbent. When our users find that the oil temperature rises significantly, the temperature rise exceeds 40 °C or the oil temperature drops above 80 °C, or more copper powder is found in the oil and abnormal noise is generated, stop using it immediately, find the industrial gearbox’s fault, and replace the lubricant oil before using it. When refueling, users pay attention to add the same lubrication oil amount and gearbox installation position, to ensure the gear reducer is properly lubricated.